It looks like Chicago’s Soulja Boy has been the victim of a major, cross-platform hack. The Chicago rapper tweeted earlier today that his Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts were all hacked and “they deleted all of my YouTube videos.” Soulja Boy currently has a few videos streaming on his Vevo channel, but the most recent is the “Speakers Going Hammer” visuals from two years ago.

A short while later, Soulja Boy start pointing the finger at user @Official_Sleepy as the hacker, posting his supposed phone number and offering “20 bandz if you find this fuck nigga who stay in florida!” and saying, “if someone can hack this fuk nigga who hacked all of my shit ill put up 5 bands for all of this niggas accounts!” @Official_Sleepy then started placing the blame on another user, @KingDaveSODMG, to which Soulja responded,

“I fuks wit @kingdavesodmg now. Fuk nigga @official_sleepy thought he had me fooled fuk nigga I saw yo ip on ma shit bro, fuk nigha tryyna blame niggas Man up brah!

See what Soulja Boy has been Tweeting about the whole situation below and stay tuned for updates.