Over the weekend, a situation regarding Sazon Booya, Rot10 Musik, and the Moomba+ And Friends party that went down during Miami Music Week has us wondering what the status of Sazon Booya is currently. All we do know is the facts as given by Moomba+ (and a number of social media status updates), and they do not look pretty.

Based on their official statement, Moomba+ got invited to throw a party during Miami Music Week; in booking acts, they noticed that Sazon Booya had not been booked and took steps to add them as a headliner. A down payment was sent to Rot10 to secure Sazon Booya, and steps were being made for Rot10 to help promote the showcase in the weeks leading up to the event.

Moomba+ claims that Rot10 had set up a show with a seemingly-identical line-up to take place the night after, and on the Facebook Event page to promote this show, they had posted a link to purchase tickets another show (which was scheduled to take place the night after Moomba+ And Friends). While they were trying to sort that error out, there were other problems that arose, namely all Rot10 artists almost being pulled from the event a day before due to discrepancies between Moomba+ and Rot10, which were smoothed over (at least to the point where all booked acts were still scheduled to perform the next night).

The night of the event is where things get hairy: after apparent weather conditions caused the Moombahton room's set-up to be delayed an hour, frustrations from the Rot10 crew boiled over, with the conditions of the equipment and an overall feeling of being disrespected causing the Rot10 Musik crew to pull all associated acts from the Moomba+ bill, with the following tweet being sent out:


A tweet from the Sazon Booya account mirrored the same decision:


Interestingly enough, Moomba+ got in contact with Sazon Booya member Sav, who advised that he and Mystereo would be performing as planned at Moomba+ And Friends, with the intention of making sure the fans got the show that was billed. Moomba+ says they had a conversation with Sav where he indicated that he a) has no control over the Sazon Booya twitter as the password was changed and b) never knew about the initial down payment until he was contacted about the FB event page error.

All of that aside, he still took the stage and started to DJ. Word is that 30 minutes into his set, Sazon Booya's manager and members of Rot10 Musik walked into the club, made their way to the DJ booth and proceeded to remove the cables from the mixer, after attempting to remove Sav from the stage. Sav reported the same thing via Facebook the next day:


Moomba+ says they ultimately arranged an escort for Sav (for they feared his safety from the Rot10 Musik members), and are said to be "opening a case about the deposit that was sent to Rot10 Musik and we will see to it that we are refunded for the service you failed to provide by having your “management” impact the party."

As of right now, neither Sazon Booya nor Rot10 have made official statements regarding the aftermath of the Moomba+ And Friends party. Requests for official statements for this piece were declined. Sazon Booya's Facebook page did have one statement that went up on Saturday:


We will keep you updated with more info on this situation. Keep in mind that we're reporting based on the information that's out there; without an official statement from Sazon Booya's management or Rot10 Musik, we're not hearing the full story.