Zilla Rocca, the self-proclaimed originator of "noir hop," hits us tonight with a brand new cut alongside his crew The Shadowboxers titled "Young Blood," featuring fire spitter Roc Marciano. Over rugged production by Has-Lo, Zilla raps on the hook, "The blood of the young makes the world go round/But young bloods are gunning us down/They want to live forever, they want to get it now/They want to do it right, they never know how."

And Roc Marc adds on with his own vivid and tragic tale of a young dude from around the way trying to get his in the streets, rapping, "He's a loner, purple haze aroma like a stoner/No diploma, sippin' Coronas and bi-polar/Trying to take the block over, older n****s from a block over/Got the word now they out to knock his block over." It's definitely real in the field, youngin'.

Expect for this song to appear on Zilla Rocca & The Shadowboxers' upcoming full-length project No Vacation for Murder. Listen below, and cop the single on iTunes when it drops at midnight.

Premiere: Zilla Rocca & The Shadowboxers f/ Roc Marciano "Young Blood"