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During today's episode of MTV's RapFix Live, two more rappers on this year's Hottest MCs in the Game VIII list were unveiled. Nas lands at No. 4, and Rick Ross comes in at No. 3. According to MTV's "brain trust," Nas cracks the top 5 mainly off the strength of his No. 1 album Life Is Good, and the singles, visuals, and Grammy nod that went along with it.

As for Rozay, they award him the No. 3 spot, giving him props for his consistency and being everywhere, as well as his No. 1 album, dope mixtape releases, and Oscar nomination. And although they say he could have been higher on the list if he had done a few things differently, it's admitted, "He's still a monster." 

Watch Nas' discussion above, and Rick Ross' below. And stay tuned for the top two spots to be unveiled during Thursday night's episode of MTV Jams at 10pm EST.  

[via Miss Info]