Not one to shy away from controversy, Steven Patrick Morrissey, known as Morrissey is back in the headlines. During a sold out show in the Staples Center Friday night, the former member of The Smiths called out Beyonce for her choice of handbags prior to performing the vegetarian anthem "Meat is Murder."

During his brief rant, Morrissey claimed that rhinos were nearing extinction. The rock star said, "It's not due to global warming or shrinking habitats. It's because of Beyonce's handbags. So, God bless the rhinos."

Earlier this week, Morrissey rejected an invitation to perform on the Jimmy Kimmel show due to the appearance of the cast of Duck Dynasty, whom the rock star says "are animal serial killers."

Interestingly enough, PETA released a statement this week criticizing Beyonce and husband Jay-Z for their custom-made sneakers, which are made out of an assortment of animals.