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Both Lupe Fiasco and Talib Kweli are known for their thought-provoking lyrical content. The two are now engaging in a very public conversation about the power of hip-hop music and lyrics on African-American communities.

The conversation was triggered by Talib's responding to a teacher who asked how she could teach her students to respect women in the wake of the controversy surrounding Rick Ross and his thoughts on date rape. As Talib challenged consumers to support positive hip-hop instead of lambasting negativity, he explained that artists who rap about violence and misogyny are deriving this from the community they live in.

At this point, Lupe spoke up, claiming that society should hold rappers and their content responsible for the state of the community. Lupe pointed out that, at this point, hip-hop has lost a balance. Not only that, Lupe argued that hip-hop is the only genre of music in the mainstream that has these violent and destructive connotations.

Highlights from the conversation appear below. The two are still conversing publicly on Twitter.