This edition of the random insomniac's corner is soundtracked by the sounds of Lockah. You should be up on "Let the Cool Air Breeze," but we've been hype off of "Platinum Blonde" for a bit, and waiting for it to hit Al Gore's Internets before the release of the Only Built 4 Neon Lites EP on March 18. Oddly enough, the EP is still set to drop on march 18, but Donkey Pitch threw it up on their Bandcamp, so fuck with it.

Maybe it's the rain in the beginning of the track, or maybe it's that throwback, lonely melody. Something about this feels super retro, and keeps us intrigued. Like Lockah just stepped out of the way back machine, and boy was his trip funky! Dude's got a knack for hypnotic sounds, and builds an epic synth atop this vintage vibe. This is one of those cuts that grabs a piece of you and demands you get all introspective while it's on. Big tune.