Marco Polo is back at it.

Less than a week after dropping "What's Wrong," his collaboration with the God MC Rakim, the Canadian beatmaker unleashes the track he did with Big Daddy Kane. The song, titled "Nite & Day," is much more mellow than the first release off of Marco's Newport Authority 2.

Over the subdued soul sample, BDK gets introspective, as he talks about aging, reflecting on how situations have changed for people over the years. "It's time to realize you're playing the wrong song," Kane says at one point. However, Kane's flow is as polished and smooth as it was in his prime, the words gliding across the track effortlessly. The hook, scratched in by Shylow, works perfectly with the song.

Newport Authority 2, a free release featuring tracks that could not be cleared for Marco's upcoming Port Authority 2 LP, appears to be coming out real soon.

Listen: Marco Polo f/ Big Daddy Kane "Nite & Day"

[via MTVHive]