With the rumor mill spinning away, Kim Kardashian sheds a little light on the current state of her pregnancy. Regarding speculations that her and Kanye’s baby will be named “North West,” she tells E!,

"I don't know where that came from. I actually think it's cute. I mean, I think our name will definitely be unique. But we haven't really picked a name yet."

She goes on to say, of the rumors about the baby’s gender,  

"We haven't told anyone [the baby's gender] — just our family — but there's rumors out there. I've seen it was on a [magazine] cover, like, one day it'll say [it's] a boy, then another one will say a girl; we just laugh."

Finally, Kim addresses the gossip about her weight gain, admitting,

"I think it's really cute now that my belly has popped a little bit. I think it's really a sexy thing; it's cute. It's just such an exciting thing for the guys to see our body go through all these different changes. [Kanye] loves it and embraces it and he's helped me feel sexy and embrace it."

Previously, in the interview below, Kardashian spoke with MTV News about her decision to keep her baby’s birth away from the public eye. Watch that below and look out for more news about KimYe’s kid in the future.

[via MTV]

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