Producer: Jermaine Dupri, Bryan-Michael Cox
Album: Confessions
Label: Arista

"Well, the 'Confessions Part II' single was really interesting because the real song 'Confessions Part I' is called 'All Bad.' The first version of the song is called 'All Bad.' The remix of the song was called 'Confessions Part II.' It was like 'All Bad (Confessions),' 'these are my confessions, all bad,' or whatever. That was the first song, and then 'Confessions Part II' was the remix.

"Once again, we were sitting in the studio and we had the record, and Usher was just like, 'When we remix this song, it's going to be crazy. It's going to do more. We need to take it further.' And once again I was thinking about me as a remixer, what would the remix sound like? We actually remixed the song before the song came out. 'Confessions Part II' became better than 'Confessions Part I' in some people's eyes. He only put part two on the album and left part one off. You all heard part two of the story off top and didn't hear part one until the bonus [album] came out. It's crazy."