Producer: Jermaine Dupri
Album: Instructions
Label: So So Def, Disturbing the Peace, Def Jam South

"'Welcome to Atlanta' was a song I wanted to do on my first album. The idea was for me and Outkast to do it, but I could never come up with a beat for us to do it. Outkast beats and my beats were very different. Every song on Life in 1472 that I did a beat for with an artist, the beat fit that artist. That's what I was trying to do with this song, but I couldn't come up with a beat that fit Outkast, that I heard Outkast rapping on when I made the beat. So it never actually happened.

"Going into my second album I was just like, I'm going to make this 'Welcome to Atlanta' song. Atlanta was at a place where we needed a theme record. I felt like it needed a theme song, and I wanted to scream out my city's name as loud as I could possibly scream it. Ludacris had a video out for 'Southern Hospitality,' and in that video there's a floor mat that says 'Welcome to Atlanta.' When I saw that floor mat in his video, I knew me and him needed to do this song."