If you don't know the name Jeff Bhasker, you should. He just won a Song of the Year Grammy for fun.'s "We Are Young," a record which he produced. However, most rap fans probably recognize his name from the production credits on Kanye West songs.

That's why when we got on the phone with Bhasker, our conversation (albeit brief) ended up focusing on one person: His friend and mentor Kanye West. Although he admitted that he didn't want to spend the entire conversation talking about Yeezy—with limited time—it ended up that way. Not that we minded. After all, Kanye is a musical genius, and Bhasker is one of the few people who can offer first-hand insight into his creative process.

Bhasker told us about how 808s & Heartbreak came together, why Kanye's concerts are so much better than the average rap show, and even revealed how "Find Your Love" wound up going to Drake.

As told to Insanul Ahmed (@Incilin)

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