Date: October 2006

What Happened?: While riding as a passenger in an SUV, Barry Adrian Reese aka Cassidy got into a car accident with a U-Haul truck. He suffered a fractured skull and several broken bones on the left side of his face. Cass was in a coma for about a week and suffered temporary brain damage.

How He Responded: The trauma from the accident was no joke. According to Cassidy, "When I first woke up out of my coma, I had amnesia, so I couldn't really remember everything. I didn't have full amnesia; I could remember certain things." He went on to say he had to take time for his brain to recover so he could relearn things, including the words to his hit songs. (We just wish we could forget his song "Condom Style.") All jokes aside, Cassidy was able to return to the charts with his hit song "My Drink n My 2 Step." Since then he has filled his free time by battling with Meek Mill.