In 2009, on a typical sunny day in downtown Los Angeles, Gridlok was at his home studio fiercely working on his next album. Meanwhile a few floors above, a young woman was standing on the edge of his roof staring through the Los Angeles skyline contemplating about how her American Dream died long ago. While deeply focused on his task at hand, Gridlok was suddenly distracted by a loud scream, and then a bang, and then silence...

That true-life event is what inspired Gridlok to create "American Dream." We had no idea that was the case when we heard SPKTRM's remix of the tune, and adds a real-life depth to what can drive a producer to create, at times. Inspiration isn't always roses and pretty colors, as is life, so it makes sense that drum & bass, what many have at times described as the sound of the urban struggle, would be one of the best forms of dance music to tackle those issues.

The video does not depict the above situation, but it's story is no less hurtful. That man in the video is one of many you pass by on your way to work, from the club... he might be an uncle, he might be a friend's father. Everyone has a story, and some involve the very country we live in seemingly turning its back on us.

Every tale doesn't have a happy ending... what are you doing to help it turnaround?