At least until very recently, rappers performing at lavish Bar Mitzvahs—the Jewish coming-of-age ceremony—was one of those weirdly unspoken taboos of rap: An incredibly lucrative way to make quick, easy money, that nobody wanted to talk about, let alone have evidence of. Why?

Well, for one thing, to take money to perform for a bunch of barely pubescent children (literally: 13-year-old children) doesn't really do much to, say, firm up one's reputation in the streets. And when so many rappers' reps are so connected to how much they've caked up, when they're taking money to perform at children's birthday parties (no matter how much money they're taking), their bank accounts still pale in comparison to the people booking them.

But between Rick Ross' recent The Black Bar Mitzvah mixtape and Drake's Bar Mitzvah-themed video for "HYFR," the topic might be losing a little of the scandalous sheen it's previously held. But then again, after getting the full visual on some of the following pictures and videos—some of which have never publicly appeared, previously—it could require revisiting. Either way, one thing's certain: These kids and their parties became the stuff of legends...that need to be put on the Internet.

These are Great Moments in Rappers Performing at Bar Mitzvah Parties. Mazel tov, B.

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