Way back when DAD started, we spoke with N-Type about the current state of dubstep. He spoke about dubstep needing to be original, but instead of just saying it, he's trying to provide that originality to the scene with his Wheel & Deal imprint. One of the soldier's he's aligned himself with is Surge, who put out his first Wheel & Deal single back in 2011. He's since dropped a banging EP (Voices) and has been collaborating with N-Type. Look for an album from Surge to drop sometime in 2013.

For this week's Five Tracks, Croydon's own Surge brings us through a dance music trek that takes us through some murky dubstep tones to some fond drum & bass excellence. We even get a curve ball thrown at us, but it all makes sense. It's always great to see the parts make up some of our favorite producers; check out Surge's Five Tracks.