There aren't too many projects that work as well for DJs as they do for fans. A DJ can only use a mix to dig for tracks they might not have, and most listeners don't worry to much about the exact BPM and such. DJ Sabo satisfies both the DJ and the listener, and defies another set: the people who bemoan making edits of tunes, updating them for a different genre. Here's his explanation of his "Massive Edits" mix:

Let's face it, Moombahton was created by Dave Nada slowing down some Dutch House and making edits. They are fun to make and very useful as DJ Tools. Since Moombahton's birth 3 years ago, many critics have discouraged the making of Edits insisting on more original tunes. Whatever. Edits are fun and relatively quick to make. They breath new life into classic tunes that people may have forgotten about, and as a DJ, dropping exclusive edits make your sets more unique. I love making Moombahton edits, and even more so, I love to share them with everyone after I've played them for a few months and know they make people move. Its been over a year since I gave away free edits as part of the Moombahton Massive EP series, so I thought it was time to come correct, and give away a bunch of tunes I've been playing this past year. The mix goes from Deep and Techy , to Latin Afro, into a few Trap transitions, and then back into some Party Rockers at the end. All of these tunes have been tried on tested on dance floors around the world to positive response. There is a little something for everyone, and every mood on here, and I wanted to showcase it all in one seamless DJ mix.

The best part? If you rock with this, you can get 19 of these edits (aka all of the edits that have NOT be put up for sale) for free if you "like' his Facebook page. That's a double-win!


1. Dusk Particals (Sabo Moombahton Edit) - 4A - 110 Matador (IE)
2. Push It! (Nuyoriberican Mix / Sabo Edit) - 5A - 111 Richie Santana, DJ Chus
3. Take The Beat Back (The Town Remix / Sabo Edit) - 4A - 110 Bad Mojo
4. Back Chat (Sabo Moombahton Edit) - 4A - 112 Inland Knights
5. Spanish Fly (Sabo Edit) - 8A - 112 2000 and One
6. Bell Clap Dance (Sabo Edit) - 8B - 110 Radioslave
7. Armour (Sabo Moombahton Edit) - 12A - 110 Wireman
8. Cubalibre (Sabo Moombahton Edit) - 5A - 112 Kings of Groove
9. El Chamaco (Sabo Edit) - 4A - 110 David Penn, Rober Gaez
10. Tourment D'Amour (SABO Edit) - 5A - 112 DJ Gregory, Africanism
11. The Shipment (Copyright Drum Tool / SABO Edit) - 4A - 110 Colombian Drum Cartel
12. Canoa (DJ Chus & David Herrero Balaerica Mix / Sabo Edit)- 8A - 110 DJ Gregory, Gregor Salto
13. AfroNuts (Douster, Edu K remix / Sabo Edit)- 8A - 110 Yolanda Be Cool
14. Throw Your Handz (Sabo Transition Edit) Riot Earp & Pickster
15. Chase Me Down (Spenda C Remix / Sabo Trap Edit)- 10B - 147 Northie
16. Moombah TurnUp (Transition Edit) - 12A - 110 Munchi
17. Putariiiaaa (Sabo Edit) - 2A - 112 MassiveDrum, Dj Maddox
18. Toca Flute (Sabo Moombahton Edit) - Carlos Barbosa & Blasterjaxx
19. Crassula (Sabo Edit) - 6A - 110 Lewis CanCut
20. Just A Beat (Sabo Moombahton Edit) - 4A - 112 Jack Beats