There's something about this three-trackers from Cabo Blanco that we're loving. Is it the raucous trap meltdown that is the title track? You damn right. Is it the hypnotic banger that is "Slip-N-Slide," which sounds like Spring Break party that's about to erupt? Definitely. What about the juke'd out, Mary J. Blige-twisting "Real Love," which feels like a footwork valentine that was left in some third grader's desk at school? Holy shit, that's it, too.

See, as much as people want to label "EDM" as being one particular thing (that "thing" being the dance tracks that are high energy and drop-focused), the true definition of EDM is just that: Electronic dance music. It's not just one thing, and producers can't always be looked at for one sound. Especially when they create masterpieces like this. Especially when said masterpieces end up just falling into the laps of lucky Internets like you and I. Androids, unite; here's your soundtrack.

(Pigeons & Planes)