This week, the Do Androids Dance Mix Series has been thrown into the intriguing world of juke. Or jungle. or whatever you want to call it. That odd area in the 160BPM zone that has beatfreaks like Austin Speed going nuts with interesting ways to twist their drums and throwback samples. Austin's a student of the So Cal techno scene, and upon hearing dubstep in 2007, his world ultimately changed. He went from bringing worldwide talent to his local dance music scene to crafting his own tracks, gaining the attention of everyone from Rockwell to Chrissy Murderbot, who released the mighty "Back the Fuck Up," a track co-produced with Calculon (and of which a VIP version was recently released).

This might be one of the deeper mixes we've dropped so far. Operating out of that 160BPM zone, we're treated to a cacophony of sounds, blurring the line between juke, trap, and jungle, with a grip of old school techno and other throwback sounds thrown in for good measure. Everyone from Pixelord and Ital Tek to Danny Scrilla and Kromestar make appearances, and the way Austin blends their tunes? Seamless. This isn't your typical rage-inducing mix. It digs a bit deeper, and makes you really appreciate the bounce. Kick your weekend off to this.

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G Jones & Grimblee - Blue Dream [Xlr8r]
Fybe:one - Harmonic Curve (Deft remix) [Shades]
XLII - No Cure (EAN remix) [Civil Music]
Konjah - Dreams of Footwork [unreleased]
Chrissy Murderbot - Alright Alright [unreleased]
Calculon & Austin Speed - Get Murked [unreleased]
Austin Speed & DNGone - Judgement [unreleased]
Nickotine - I Run This [Clownsville Records]
Pixelord - Ninja Clown (Deft remix) [Hyperboloid Records]
Krampfhaft - Twin Prime [Rwina Records]
Pawn - Your Words [unreleased]
Calculon & Austin Speed - Back The Fuck Up VIP [Loose Squares]
Drip - French Kiss [unreleased]
ARP 101 & Elliott Yorke - Donky Pitch [Fluro Black]
Uncon Sci - Let Me Hit It (Austin Speed & Calculon Remix) [Liquid Geometry]
Brassica - Lydden Circuit (Om Unit remix) [Civil Music]
Beat Inc. - Just Remember (Om Unit Remix) [Original Cultures]
Deft - Let's Hook Up (Asthma) (instrumental) [Space Hardware]
Kromestar - Don't Make Sense VIP [Cosmic Bridge]
Ital Tek - Re Entry [Civil Music]
Moresounds - Analog Steak (Danny Scrilla remix) [Cosmic Bridge]
Sinistarr - Ross (Drip remix) [Loose Squares]
G Jones - Heart Cave VIP [MalLabel Music]