Forced to rave in illegal warehouses, the culture experienced a puberty of sorts. The wild and crazy days of MADchester had long passed and as "electronica" emerged in the US the '90s, it was awkward. Onlookers doubted the scene's maturity, others ignored it altogether, but just like that first bout of acne as you enter high school, it was not going away. Goverment tried to stifle it with the RAVE Act (thanks Joe Biden!) and so the culture moved to the warehouses and abandoned fields, out of sight but not cured.

Furthmore, if we combine a few glimpses of hope and potential along with the sometimes questionable if not inexcusable misshaps and tragedies, we've got the dazed and confused days of teenage adolescence. Now as we're preparing for the apex of EDM's commericialization, the acne which raged on almost tearing the face off the culture, has all but subsided. We're still fighitng with our parents (government and mainstream media stigma!), and we're just trying to prove we're ready for college. Surely we'll make mistakes along the way, but we've got a bright future and we're ready for it. No need to hide!

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