The "Harlem Shake" craze has gone full-tilt in recent weeks. If it isn't the freestyles or incessant trolling, it's the backlash from Harlem residents who feel the song disrespects their culture. Either way, Baauer has scored a viral and commercial hit with his "Harlem Shake."

Yet according to a report in Monday's The New York Times, former reggaeton artist Hector Delgado and Philadelphia rapper Jayson Musson are seeking compensation from Mad Decent Records, claiming that Baauer used their voices without permission on the song.

In the report, Delgado's former manager, Javier Gomez, told Delgado he was on the song. Musson got a call about it in February from a former rapping partner. According to the New York Times, negotiations are ongoing between Mad Decent, Delgado and Musson. 

[via New York Times]