Did we will this to happen? Weren't we recently speculating if Afrojack's debut album would be coming out on Wall? Welp, it looks like the impact of his "As Your Friend" single (featuring Chris Brown) has pushed this latest announcement: Afrojack has signed an "exclusive worldwide deal" with Island Records and Universal Music Group, through his Wall Recordings label.

That's pretty big.

The terms of the agreement give Island Records control of US radio promotion and sales for "As Your Friend." Word is that the new single is hitting Pop and Rhythm radio formats in the US, which sounds similar to the situation between Mad Decent and Warner Bros over "Harlem Shake." The international release of "As Your Friend" is being handled by Wall, Island, and UMG imprint PM:AM Recordings. Afrojack had the following to say about the situation: "I want to take my music to the next level, both creatively and from a business point of view. Partnering up with Island Records will give me the chance to do both, so I am very happy we were able to make a deal. Island/UMG will promote my releases with very strong support and with great people working my music around the world."

To sum it all up: Yes, 2013 is the year EDM is going mainstream, officially. You can't deny it, and power moves like this prove it.