We're in an interesting space, with EDM sliding more and more into the mainstream every week. Guys like Baauer are topping the Billboard Hot 100 based off of an Internet meme from one of his older singles. Skrillex and Diplo have their own subscription services, taking all of the power and control into their own hands. And while artists like Afrojack and Zedd have signed with major labels, and EDM acts are still putting out albums, the music industry as a whole is way more singles-driven. We're also living in a time where music is being pirated as quickly its released, sometimes hitting the bootleg scene weeks before its official release date. So, how are artists to get known when there are so many ways their releases and release schedules can get messed up?

It's called understanding your Internets. Your laptops aren't just for making music and porn (trust us, we're sure). There are a number of legitimate ways you can get your music heard, build a community, and make money without having to sign on the dotted line. And even if you ARE chasing the label contract, there are EDM-specific outlets for you as well. Or say you're putting out creative remixes, or want to start up your own podcast - yes, there are quality spots you can hit up that will give you voice.

It's all about building communities and foundations, then utilizing your content to turn a profit. Or to at least pay for your vices. Check out these ways to help you get out your dreams, whatever they may be.