Album: Astro Lounge

Somebody once told me that if you make a song a major part of an awesome movie it'll stay stuck in your head for days and days until you must succumb to it's audio prowess. At least, that's what happened with Smash Mouth's "All Star." Originally it was used for the huge flop of a film, Mystery Men, (which would explain why the music video is so star studded) and became a hit on it's own. But we didn't really begin to appreciate it until DreamWorks made it apart of the kid's classic, Shrek. Like the rest of Smash Mouth's catalog, "All Star" had a retrofitted appeal. It's the kind of record that was a Radio Disney smash but didn't have the sparkly sheen of a Britney Spears or N'SYNC record. In other words, it was pure pop without the teenie bop packaging. You sing along, but know that it's feeble in the same way your dad is-out of touch but hey, it's hip to be sqaure. -Insanul Ahmed