Album: Breakout

Everyone has seven things that they hate about their men, even Miley Cyrus at 16 years old had a checklist of all of the irritating things she could finally take out on her ex (aka Joe Jonas). "7 Things" is very beautiful but so corny-it used to be played in between Disney Channel TV shows. But when Miley goes off on that guitar riff, it's over. We all think "Party in the U.S.A." was Miley's greatest hit but we're wrong-we all like that because we could sing it in public because it's cool in that "We're all trolling but this is cool but also, this chorus is so stupid. Does she even know a Jay-Z song?" Answer: she didn't at the time. "7 Things" is the hidden gem of that era of Miley-you know, years before she released videos of herself tweaking and posting photos of herself in the studio with Pharrell and Mike WiLL Made It. -Lauren Nostro