Album: N/A

How many thinkpieces on "authenticity" did you read because of this song? If you answered "a lot," then you are right. People were mad about this song. They were mad about its lyrics, and they were mad about its lyricist. Subscribers of hip hop just couldn't get over the fact that an adorable white girl was beating at their own game even though she was just playing for fun since the beginning.
Kitty (who has since swallowed her Pryde) drowsily weaves through tales of her boyfriend's drunk dials, negging, and cigarette breath over an even drowsier beat, but manages to be remain utterly captivating for its almost 3 minute length. If it's a crime to like this song, then we are guilty as charged, but the only way we could imagine anyone hating "Okay Cupid" is because they didn't think to write it first. -Alysa Lechner