Album: Goodbye Lullaby

Avril is a musical and cultural chameleon. Anyone who can pull off a tie and Dickies and evolve to bleach blonde hair with pink streaks is cool in our books. "What The Hell" could possibly speak to this artistic evolution. Upon its release, Avril had been in the game for almost a decade, had married and publicly divorced Sum 41 singer, Derek Whibley, and was having a bit of a tumultuous time with her label. "What The Hell"-one of Avril's poppiest ventures-unearths her new careless attitude. She's hooking up with multiple guys, going out until the sun rises, and ultimately finding independence and freedom from a life she wasn't happy with. We're sorry she went through a rough time, but at least we got this totally guiltless pop punk anthem out of it. -Alysa Lechner