Album: More, More, More

Say what you will about Andrea True, but she lived a pretty amazing life. Born in Nashville, she moved to NYC with dreams of becoming an actress that faded into the reality of making porn. She spent years doing adult films but while in Jamaica she called up record producer Gregg Diamond to make a record. The song they made was "More More More" which became a huge dance smash in the disco era filled with dance records. The record actually alludes to True's past with lines like, "Get the cameras rolling/Get the action going." The song has been surprisingly resilient throughout the years, as it's been used in numerous movies, shows, ads, etc.

None of this is why we feel guilty about liking this song, in fact it just makes us like it more. What makes us feel guilty is enjoying Andrea True's singing since she had a voice as weak as streched out melted mozzarella. On the track, she struggled to keep up with the beat. When she gets drowned out by the band during the verses we're just happy Simon Cowell wasn't around to see it or he would have probably thrown his strategically placed Coca Cola cup at her. And yet, it's still one of the catchiest tunes ever thanks in large part to it's flawless hook. And we can't help but think if a better singer had sung the song it probably would have lost most of it's charm. She might not have had the most talent, but Andrea True found a way to get by. RIP. -Insanul Ahmed