One of the staples of the rave scene (at least in America) has been the kandi kid. Kandi kids can be some of the happiest ravers you'll ever meet. We won't say if this is because of any drugs being in their systems, but don't be surprised if a kandi kid either asks you where the molly is, or if you need molly.

A kandi kid gets their name from the jewelry they drench themselves in. Pony beads in a rainbow of colors, some weaved into intricate patterns (many times spelling out words or creating children's cartoon characters), with bells, charms, letters, and stuffed animals hanging off of them... its kind of a big deal.

In the spirit of PLUR, DAD will not go in like we want to on the kandi kid. We will just let this collection of pictures speak for themselves. We do love you, kandi kid; we just can't imagine going out with all of that shit on our arms.