Previous Releases: Paper Route Campaign; Welcome to Dolph World; High Class Street Music; Street Music 2 (Hustler's Paradise); A Time 2 Kill; Blue Magic; East Atlanta South Memphis with Gucci Mane
X-Factor: So laid back he's on West Coast time.
At SXSW?: Yes

There's laid-back, and then there's laid-back. Young Dolph's vocals come so far behind the beat they almost seem to rush the next one. His insoucient approach to rapping is perhaps his most definitive trait, letting each punchline breeze by in an aggressively blithe manner.

He's gained ground in Memphis, coming on the tail of Yo Gotti, and received a co-sign from Juicy J. His latest solo release, Blue Magic, was his best yet, and featured a strong collaboration with fellow Tennessee titans 8Ball and MJG. But his new tape with Gucci Mane, dropping today, should lift his profile up to the next tier.

Video That Sold Us: Young Dolph "Dream"