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X-Factor: Philly hasn't had a bruiser this hard since Beanie.
At SXSW?: No evidence that he is.

Once associated with Cassidy's Larsiny Family crew, AR-Ab (pronounce "A-R-Ab") has made headlines for some extra-musical reasons; he recently got involved with the Meek Mill/Cassidy beef. He was shot ten times and survived.

He's controversial, in the way street rappers often are, but there are some musical reasons to take notice of the rapper. None other than Swizz Beatz called him the "most important new artist in rap." And his latest mixtape, M.U.D. Musik, is a strong release, thanks in part to AR-Ab's gritty visceral vocal style. The intro alone is pushes the shock-rap envelope: "These niggas gotta rap, I don't need to/Gucci Mane caught a too."

Video That Sold Us: AR-Ab "Intro"

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