Affiliations: Greedhead
Previous Releases: End of Earth; Fantasy Beds Mixtape; My Westside Horizon; In Dark Denim
X-Factor: Makes cloud rap fun.
At SXSW?: Yes

Antwon is one of the most promising artists to rise out of the Internet-oriented "cloud rap" pseudo-scene that's gotten a lot of online attention in the past few years. His trick is to make music that often feels inward-facing and borderline-myopic into a socially open, even joyous experience. In other words: His shit is just that much more fun than everybody else's.

There's retro-rap, and then there's rap that captures the exuberant spirit of the early '90s. Antwon differentiates himself by adopting a lo-fi m.o. On standout "Living Every Dream," it sounds as if De La and Q-Tip's "Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays" was disintegrating. His rap style is casual, and not the most versatile or dexterous, but that's much to its benefit; he communicates his ideas in funny, punchy lines, which is more than enough.

Video That Sold Us: Antwon "Living Every Dream"