Affiliations: Timbaland (formerly); currently independent
Previous Releases: 3's Company Vol.1: The Rapper, The Hustler, the Diva Vol. 1 and 2; Heavy is the Head that Wears the Crown; Guess Who's Coming 2 Dinner; The Coronation
X-Factor: She can RAP.
At SXSW?: Yes

"They can't rap like they used to," says every old person ever. They haven't heard 3D Na'Tee. It's difficult to imagine the uphill climb necessary for a female rapper from New Orleans. She started her hustle by standing outside a club with a stack of CDs and messaging strangers on MySpace to get their attention, but it worked for her, and it's easy to see why after one verse.

Her grind was enough to impress Timbaland, who flew her out to work with him on her mixtape The Coronation. Although that tag-team didn't work out—reportedly, he wanted to sign her to Mosley Music Group, but the two couldn't agree to the terms—she released The Coronation, absent Timbo tracks, to some acclaim late last year.

She's got skill in abundance, but it also translates into quality songs. "Lil Kim," a track produced by Casa Di (who did Chief Keef's "Understand Me") is a top-notch story rap worthy of wide-ranging praise.

Video That Sold Us: 3D Na'Tee "Back 2 Da Block"

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