702 "Where My Girls At?" (1999)

Album: 702

Vegas born-and-bred girl group 702 only had one smash hit single, but "Where My Girls At" still comes up in conversation not just as a one-hit wonder of late '90s R&B, but also, as evidence of their prowess. Their video, however, may be what's helped keep them in these conversations: An oddly high-tech affair for a then-untested act, the girls were cloaked in all black, with progressive makeup cues like purple-metal eyeshadow (remember, when you watch this, that The Matrix also came out that year).

The girls mostly strut around in C-Grade Star Wars-lite sets, surrounded by men who also look Matrix-y, until about the two-minute mark, at which point, the big dance setup arrives, and all of their backup dancers show up in...Cirque-Du-Soilel-esque leotards that make them look like either flames, or roosters. The entire affair was weirdly sci-fi and avant garde, when they could've just gone with more typical girl group treatments. To that end, they registered a memorable clip, which works strongly in their legacy's advantage.