Zedd: "There's gonna be a lot of interesting versions of the song 'Clarity.' We have a lot of plans for the remix. We have Tiesto working on the remix, we have incredible other remixes, unknown artists, people like Torro Torro, who I really really like. There's a lot of great remixes from all type of genres, Richie from Bon Jovi makes a version. Its gonna be a wide range of basic individuals to show that a good song is a good song, no matter what kind of genre it is. It kind of goes to show that every genre can make the song, not a hit, but just a really good song, that's why we picked who we picked.

"Besides that, we have a lot of bigger plans for the song that are definitely very exciting. The version I performed on Letterman I recorded the full thing in the studio, with the orchestra and I'm releasing that that as well."