Zedd: "It's completely random, I saw DeadMau5 making a post [on MySpace] about this guy named Skrillex. I listened to one song that I just clicked on and it absolutely reminded me of that one song I was working on at the time—a song that I thought it was ahead of time and something different. I see the same vision in his song. Skrillex was fairly unknown at that point so I decided I would just write him a message, and who knows, maybe he'll answer, I didn't really expect it to happen. I sent him that message and he replied a couple minutes later saying that he loved the song and wanted to play it out that night.

"Skrillex has this idea of his label, OWSLA, which is not really big on signing artist for a long time. But if you find a song that you like, you release it, and if not, you don't. He had this idea for some time and I knew that when it was gonna happen, I was definitely really friends with him so, when he finally had his label done done I think I had the second release on his label."