You can't escape it: EDM's becoming a bigger part of the mainstream music landscape, and you have artists like Zedd to thank for that. He's the first EDM artist to perform live on Letterman, he's one of MTV's "artists to watch" for 2013, and he's currently signed to Interscope.

His solo success includes the release of singles like "Spectrum" and "Clarity," the latter yielding a recently released special remix EP, and featuring a multitude of different takes on what many see as a truly beautiful and crucial piece of dance music. Which goes without mentioning the fact that he's also got an undetermined number of tracks on Lady Gaga's forthcoming album, ARTPOP.

Artists like Zedd are what the EDM scene needs to continue permeating into the American music scene. He has a keen sense of what will work on a grand stage, but also knows how to blend that with tracks that will satisfy the EDM lovers worldwide. We caught up with Zedd recently to chart his path, from growing up as a music-making child in Germany to meeting Skrillex and, ultimately, signing with Interscope.

Who is Zedd? You're about to find out.

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