Casey Veggies: “When Mac Miller invited me to be on the The Incredibly Dope Tour, that was one of the nice things that got me to keep pushing as an artist. Mac heard Sleeping in Class and he got at me. We did the tour at the beginning of 2011 before Mac really blew up. He was still a [building his fanbase], so it was a small West Coast tour that hit 500-capacity venues. That tour went so well and we were vibing and he said, ‘I got a big tour coming up and I want to bring you on it.’

“So then we did the Blue Slide Park tour for three months. From that point, a lot of stuff changed for me, like my personal life. I was away a lot and from that point on, I felt like I was going on a new path. That’s where the story of Life Changes came from. That project is me after I graduated high school and I went on that tour.

“Keep in mind that the day the Mac Miller tour started, I released Sleeping in Class: Deluxe Edition on iTunes, so it was like my first release. It was an independent release, and we were getting love for it, we were top five on iTunes that week, so we made noise on our own. We were in New York taking meetings and Roc Nation was courting us. It was a big turning point.”