Casey Veggies: “I need to finish this debut album. Peas and Carrots has a lot of space to blow up as a brand, so I’ll focus on that. We’re going to take it from there. I’m definitely all for the music, and we’re going to do some big name partnerships.

“I’m definitely health-conscious. I’m trying to get back on my vegetables better, start working out more, and definitely promote to all the young kids saying stay healthy. [Laughs.] Just like your mom would say to you as a kid. I had a convo last night at two in the morning about how I need to start working out.


I’m going to start acting. I’m definitely going to step into that world but I’m focused on the music right now. I want to do real movie acting. I need to do a couple of classic movies before I’m done.


"I got to get right, because then your mind gets right too if you [work out], because you're working out different parts of your brain. You think better, so my raps will be better. Peas and Carrots, live and go lifestyle. It’s something that you can live by, that’s why it’s going to go far.

“After that, I’m going to start acting.  I want to do real movie acting. I need to do a couple of classic movies before I’m done. Everybody isn’t a Will Smith, but I’m definitely trying to go up that lane. I’m just trying to focus on music and conquer this first, and then we’re going to take it over there for a bit.

“[I don’t feel there’s] pressure [on me to be a bigger artist] because I like what we’ve been doing with Peas and Carrots. I’ve always been different, always been unique. I’ve been keeping the creative juices flowing. We’re going to keep doing what we’re doing. There’s not really pressure, because I’m so confident with what we’re doing, as a brand and musically. We’re going to keep pushing the bar. I’m trying to keep getting better, and make sure this album's a real great album for the fans.”