"It made me go harder in the streets. Really, it was just a street song—50 from the streets. Get Rich or Die Tryin', the title is so strong. It just made everybody go towards it. That's why he named his album that. I bought that CD a million times. It's a classic.

"'Wanksta, '21 Questions.' 'Many Men' just killed it. That's my favorite song. During that G-Unit era, that's all I was really listening to. They just had some good music at that time. He'd just talk big money and he'd be flexing. The way he raps just be flexin. He made himself who he is. Ain't nobody do it for him, you can tell from when he came in until now. That's a classic album. You're always going to listen to it, that's timeless music. I still use that, I just think I'm gonna Get Rich or Die Tryin' the rap game. I'm gonna drop songs every four weeks, I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna just keep music out there."