Prior to Tupac's death in September 1996, there was the widespread perception that he and his Death Row label mates were anti-East Coast. It stemmed from his genre-shifting verbal war with New York's Notorious B.I.G., and from his unabashed love for all things California.

In this video from 1996, Tupac is seen greeting Duck Down members Buckshot and Dru Ha for a recording session. "We're working on a new project called One Nation," Tupac says in the video. "It's gonna be an East Coast-West Coast collaboration." Scores of Tupac songs have been released over the years, but One Nation has never surfaced.

According to NahRight, the footage was released by director Gobi M. Rahimi, who recorded Tupac's last week alive. He's looking to release a documentary called 7 Dayz about the rapper's last days. Below, Tupac records verses for One Nation, and Rahimi provides insight on Tupac's last hours in Las Vegas.

[via NahRight]