Nottz's EP In My Mind is currently available on iTunes, and one of the hard-hitting gems on it, "Turn It Up" featuring fellow producer/MC Pete Rock, now has visuals to head-nod along to.

Two decades plus deep in the game, and PR's flows sound better than ever on this, with raps like, "I know we from the hood but have a little class/Yeah you got a little bread and wanna talk about your stash?/Nothin' to say when your homie gets smashed/And everything quiet when the burner go blast." And Nottz follows up strong on the second verse, showing why he still is one of the most underrated artists putting it down both on the mic and behind the boards. 

As the song recommends, please turn up the volume while watching this. And you may want to consider some larger speakers too, because this joint knocks.

[via 2DopeBoyz]