J. Cole released his Truly Yours EP earlier this month, and one of the songs featured on it was his version of the No I.D.-produced Nas cut "Stay." During his recent sit-down with MTV, Cole explained how Nas ended up with the song on his album, saying that although he originally had the beat and wrote to it while No I.D. was literally looping up the sample, due to some miscommunication with his A&R, he didn't purchase the beat in time, and Nas wound up copping it for Life Is Good without knowing Cole had recorded to it.

Cole admits that he has difficulty dealing with the fact that Nas got the beat, saying, "Honestly, I heard Nas' joint one time, and I can't listen again. It's hard for me." He does give Nas his props though, adding, "He killed it."

Cole also reveals that the same thing happened with the No I.D.-produced Rick Ross song "Tears of Joy." And what did he learn from all this? Cole says, "It taught me, if you want a record, you got to put some money down on it." 

Sounds like a tough lesson to learn. Watch above.

[via Rap Radar