For his role in Harmony Korine’s upcoming Spring Breakers, James Franco looked not to Riff Raff (as Riff Raff claimed) but to a relatively unknown Florida rapper named Dangeruss. We got to know Dangeruss earlier this week (and what he thought of Franco’s eventual hair choice: "I got dreads… dreads is a lion in the jungle type shit, he had braids, which is like a deer.") and now we see what he can do in the studio.

“Hangin With Da Dopeboys” made it onto the film’s soundtrack (we’re still eagerly waiting to hear more of his personal favorite, “My Fork,” even if people “don’t like it because they think [he’s] rapping about a fork”) and now there’s a music video for the track filmed by Franco himself. The clip is composed of footage Franco shot while following Dangeruss around to prepare for his role as Alien. Watch that above and catch Spring Breakers (featuring an appearance by Dangeruss himself) starting March 22.

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