"Many Men": A great song for all the traditional reasons a rap song is great (the beat, the lyrics, etc), but what takes it over the top is how it blurs the distinction between art and life. This song mythologizes 50's past, sure, but the truth is many men really did in fact wish death upon 50, enough to have a gunman run up on him and start firing. And the people 50 talks about are real, too—in the line, "Slim switched sides on me" he's referring to his former manager Chaz "Slim" Williams, who was known as a real street dude. It's all good, however, since 50 had been talking up his shooting for months in the press. What isn't all good is how 50 openly implies that he in fact got revenge on his would-be assassin mere weeks after getting shot. Ironic, since just two tracks before, on "What Up Gangsta," 50 rhymed, "I try not to say nothing, the DA might want to play in court." Well, so much for that.