"Feel Me Flow" is a crazy song, no doubt. And, compared with their popularity in their heyday, Naughty By Nature probably don't get the respect they deserve-Treach could be a monster on the microphone. But seriously? Everyone on the Grammy committee votes in each category, so many times, genre specialists are overwhelmed by the votes of genre dilettantes, which may explain things to a degree. But just for perspective, a quick rundown of rap albums released that same year (nominees in bold): Me Against the World, E 1999 Eternal, Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version Only Built for Cuban Linx, The Infamous, Liquid Swords, Coast II Coast, Soul Food, On Top of the World, Dogg Food, Safe + Sound, True, Dah Shinin, In a Major Way. Also receiving a nomination for the 1996 Grammy Awards: Skee Lo's I Wish LP.