33. Das EFX "They Want EFX" (1992)

Before "California Love," or before "Get at Me Dog," there was a DNA strand of any literally subterranian video born in the clip for "They Want EFX." To have gritty underground scenery lit with torches is one thing, their faces covered in masks, holding giant hammers in what looks like some kind of engine room. Of rap? Of a boat? Who knows. But what people did know was that it takes an extra something else to fly past this cliche video trope. For 'Pac, it was George Clinton and multi-million dollar budget. For DMX, it was sheer, unfiltered energy. But for Das EFX, it was charisma, unfiltered, and unforgiving, along with a single iconic image, the one that you'll see around the 2:09 mark: A speaker, literally blowing up.