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31. A Tribe Called Quest "Check the Rhime" (1991)

Director: Jim Swaffield

The first single off the second Tribe album needed to have something special for the clip, and you know-just like you knew listening to any Tribe song-you were in for something so radically different and utterly brilliant from the rest of rap the moment the clip starts: The negative-color shot of Tribe dancing. After that, Tip and Phife representing for the Yankees, the Cleveland Indians, the Braves: Huh? The intercut Poloroid photograph in motion. Tip pumping up a crowd from a rooftop during an improptu show, in the style of The Beatles. Just rapping in the neighborhood, having fun, getting shut down by girls, hosting a block party: It was, quite simply, everything rap aspired to be-fun, and smart. What else do you need?