27. 2Pac f/ Shock-G & Money-B "I Get Around" (1993)

Director: David Dobkin

What would you do if given the keys to a mansion for a weekend? Because in the "I Get Around" clip, it's clear that the place isn't 'Pac's: You can see the way the interior was essentially gutted for the shoot in the few shots inside the house. But who gives a shit when you have an answer as resounding as Tupac's: (1) You invite all of your friends in Digital Underground (but make sure Shock G-and not Humpty Hump-shows up). (2) You invite all of your friends who aren't in Digital Underground. (3) You invite a bunch of women. (4) When you wake up after a threesome with those women, you have a backyard BBQ and a pool party. And that's it. The entire forumla for this video, a mile-marker for that turning point in rap when this kid, the Digital Underground roadie-turned-crew-member, started to throw the party, one that was a radical departure from "The Humpty Hump"-one with hints of sillyness, but for the most part, one that was exponentially more hedonism-driven-and the first true sign of what was to come from Tupac Shakur: Escapist thug fantasies, unlike any the world had really experienced before.