6. 2Pac f/ Dr. Dre "California Love" (1996)

Director: Hype Williams

Shot on the same set as Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (and set in the year 2095), the video includes cameos from Chris Tucker and Roger Troutman (of Zapp and Roger, performing the song's hook through a talkbox). After an introductory skit in which costumed 'Pac and Dre (wearing an eyepatch) free some imprisoned women, the song starts to play out in the Thunderdome, then in jeeps riding across the desert. Fire, explosions, George Clinton. It was one of the most offbeat and weird videos ever turned into a hit: How could these two gangster rappers play dress-up in the desert and pull it off? The formula doesn't seem right, and yet, it was awesome, and still is. Hype Williams would go on to do a lot of things with a lot of money, but other than a certain video features rappers rapping alongside elephants, this continues to be one of the most creative uses of an absurd amount of record-label scratch.